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Rules explained

Post by Entity on Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:43 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the survival rp, I'll be your guide and also the one hunting you. So first and foremost lets get the rules of the game out of the way so we can enjoy this as much as possible. For the most part it will be free form and flow naturally with you doing things without having the need to create complex apps for abilities and the like. So without further ado lets get into it.

1st. This is a survival rp, there will be times where you will be able/might fight but for the most part it is always better for you to take evasive actions.

2nd. This will be based on a dice system adding a layer of randomness to the entire thing. So for example say you attempt to hide, you will need to roll in order to see if you were successful or not in hiding quietly. We will be using a 10 sided die for this, if you roll  1-5, you fail and based on which number you roll will depict the severity of your failure. Vice versa if you roll a 6-10 will depict how successful you were.

3rd. I'll now explain the health,mana, and sanity bars.

Health of course is self explanatory, this is how much life you have, if it reaches zero, you are considered dead. This goes down by one each time you are effected or attacked by what is hunting you, however it works in conjunction with sanity.

Sanity is your take on the world around you and your mindset, as it deteriorates your character will sink further into chaos. This happens normally unless your saving roll is 6 or higher, it goes down by one per each failed roll. Sanity also acts as a shield to your health needing to reach a 5 before your health begins to be damaged.

Mana is the main defense and offense you have against what is coming for you. Depending on what class you choose to start with will determine what type of magic you are able to use. You will only have 10 charges which means after 10 spells you will no longer be able to protect yourself so use them wisely as you may or may not have ways of restoring it.

4th. Magic ability explained

As stated earlier this will be free form, there wont be any app made spells or abilities. You'll be able to freely cast as you like. Each ability you cast will cost 1 mana whether you fail or succeed, the interesting part will come with if you decide to help other you might stumble across or if you decide to screw them over. If you are using healing magic, you can also decide to heal another person as well as your self at the cost of 1 more mana. Or say you are attempting to use misdirection, you can send a noise pointing out where another player is hiding at the cost of 1 extra mana.

Once you have created your character you will start on the tenth floor of the school. This is the safe haven per se, but no one knows for how long. Whatever is out there can not get to you directly for now, but it's influence can still seep through the wards and cause you to lose sanity. There are twenty floors to the school, it will be up to you to decide if you want to attempt to leave the school and get far away by going down or if you want to  try and solve this puzzle by going up. No matter when you start you will always start on the tenth floor, back tracking is allowed. The tenth floor will always heal your wounds and replenish any missing mana,health, and sanity if you can make your way back to it. The floors wards might fail at any time making it just another level of madness so don't grow to think of it as a safe house for too long.

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