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Classes explained

Post by Entity on Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:10 pm

I'll now explain the varying classes that the game will be using and if you would like to see one added please let me know and I'll see where it fits.

This student has devoted their time to helping others and learning all there is to know about healing magic. This class receives a +1 to all healing spell rolls and saving roles however sanity goes down by 2 for each failed saving roll.
Healing spells used by this class heal instantly and restore 2 health instead of 1.

This student has devoted themselves much like the healer to the service of others learning magic that protects not only the body but the mind. They have the ability to once per turn of posting to take any damage that would be dealt to up to two allies on themselves.
Protectors recover 1 sanity per person they have surrounding them at end of topics.

This student cares little for anything but themselves and has devoted their time to learning how to be silent and get in and out without being noticed. They gain a +1 to sneak and saving rolls.
Once per topic if they are to be caught they can instantly escape at the cost of 3 sanity.

This student enjoys playing pranks on everyone around them and has learned most illusion spells to help in that area. This class loses 1 sanity per post they are not in a group to help them maintain their mental state, however once in a group they can not lose sanity unless two or more people do.
Once per every two topics they can cast an illusion that does not require a roll as long as they have 5 or more mana

This student has versed themselves in the arts of mimicry and adaption, they have no special abilities on their own. At the beginning of a topic the doppelganger must declare which class they are mimicking they retain all bonuses and negatives of that class. They must be in a group that contains the class they are mimicking.
Once per topic they can change classes  on the fly at the cost of not being able to in the next topic.

This student has focused on the darker aspects of magic allowing them to commune with spirits. This class can directly interact with the darkness chasing you. You can use this to control the creeping nether. Due to being in constant connection with the dark side of magic this class does not lose sanity unless it uses mana.
Once per topic this class can attempt to possess the darkness  seeing through it's eyes and or controlling it for one post. The medium can use this to either direct the threat away or use it to turn on their allies to increase their own survival rate. This only works on the entity of the floor you are on, if you fail however you could attract the darkness directly to you.

This student has devoted their life to seeking out and finding all the magical items the world has to offer. They have a natural attraction to the ether allowing them to fill out where something useful might be. This class is the weakest of them all not providing anything directly to the their allies but could potentially lead their group to items needed later down the road. This class has a -1 to all rolls.
Once per topic this class can enhance the effects of any item used.

Time mage
This student has learned how to manipulate time to their advantage their normal spells usually include slowing time for either themselves or others, or increasing it. This class has a +1 to all saving rolls.
Once per every two topics this class can stop time entirely for one round of posting only allowing them to move outside of it. They can interact with the world around them moving objects or people they can not directly harm anything however.

This student has devoted their efforts to controlling and taming the elements around them. This is the only class that can directly harm the encroaching nether and other dangers. Due to being full offense this class must saving roll to be healed by anything that isn't the healer class, the healer class can only heal the elementalist for 1 instead of 2.
Due to being able to directly affect the darkness this class does not get a special ability.

Rune maker
This student has practiced the arts of writing and inscribing runes of all natures. This is the more strategic of the classes as they must remain stationary as they inscribe runes into whatever surface there is. The runes can be anything from warning runes to trap runes. Due to their need to be precise they receive a +1 to magic ability rolls.
Once per every 3 topics this class can inscribe a rune that cleanses a single room creating a safe zone that heals and replenishes magic and health by 3.

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