Leo Tenno

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Leo Tenno

Post by Kyson on Wed Dec 28, 2016 6:03 pm

Leo Tenno

Basic Information


Leo is a calm guy and a bit nonchalant. He isn't really quiet but he is not loud either. He's the type of guy that either gets along with you or hates your guts. There is no in between. He always looks out for himself first, before anyone else. He isn't the type to die for someone else.

Leo's moved out of his parents house since he was getting into a lot of trouble at his old school. Now he just lives with his grandparents. In school, he is an average student. A really smart kid but just chooses not to try. Has no interest in going to college after he graduates or furthering his education. In school he has a good amount of friends but not too much. He plans on running his own business after graduating, or something along those lines.  

Class: Assassin

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