Background on what is happening

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Background on what is happening

Post by Entity on Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:16 pm

During the last day of school it was decided that the student body would hold a talent show of sorts to see everyone off as they prepared to venture off into the real world and gain jobs adequate to their studies. The head master of the school and the entire faculty had come together as well to watch the spectacle and see what their students were capable of. Varying shows were put on and each persons magical expertise was put in the light.

The final show was to be performed by the faculty and the head master as was tradition in ending the school year. This year it was decided that they would show how to control summons correctly and the varying things you could have them do in the hands of a professional. As the ritual began and the students sat watching their teachers erect the pillars and form the circles perfectly it seemed as if everything was going accordingly to plan.

During the last phase of the summoning the sky darkened a slight red hue as a portal opened from one of the pillars and dark hands began to reach forth clawing the surroundings. It was at this point that the obvious fear had been seen on the faculties staff as something had been performed wrongly by someone as the first beings through the portal quickly tore into the first teachers. Their bodies crunched and sprayed blood as the monstrosities hands and teach ripped into the bodies of the teachers. pandemonium spread between the students while they watched in terror as more beings escaped the portal and fell into their ranks killing friends and family with reckless abandon.

In the headmasters final moments of life on this earth he spoke ancient words that pushed a protective shield on the surviving students before teleporting them back into the school inside the heavily warded tenth floor. Each student arrived in shock as they had witnessed the death of so many. They all began talking on who could have ruined the ceremony as a mistake of that nature wasn't truly a mistake, someone had sabotaged the summoning. For what reason, and what did they do now?

Each student now sat on the tenth floor in the middle of the school under the protection of the now dead headmasters wards that glowed a dark blue as the onslaught of evil magical energy impressed it's will on the building attempting to break the seals. Will the students stay and hope someone comes for them, will they attempt to make it out of the school or will they try to find out what exactly went wrong and who was behind it by clearing the upper tiers of the school.....

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