Floors explained

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Floors explained

Post by Entity on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:50 am

Here I will explain the floors to everyone so you know where you are in the school.

1st floor
This area is just a giant expanses leading to the outside world, there is nothing of note on the 1st fllor besides the steps that lead up and the ones that lead out this is where everyone gathered before heading to their respective classes.

2nd floor
The second floor is home to all of the classes dedicated to potions and herbology, basically it was a giant greenhouse on steroids. If you wanted to learn how to brew a healing potion or find the best way to grow your grass this is where you were

3rd floor
This area was dedicated to the battle arts, it is n open floor plan with larg coloms through the ground sectioning off various parts. There are dueling cages and magical drones located hear to help hone your combat skills.

4th floor
This floor was the medical bay of the school, it's where al the aspiring medics learned how to use their mana to heal the sick. it's said that something else was hidden here by the head healing mage but that's just a myth.

5th floor
This is the Auditorium area, though weird this entire level was made into one giant area to hold the entire student body. it has seats everywhere and also houses all of the acting theaters puppets and other magical constructs. There was already said to be a curse over this area at night when the school slept for the night, what could it be now.

6th floor
This floor is dedicated to the time wizards and as such is completely screwed doors that look like they should lead somewhere lead nowhere and some stairs might be portals to the other floors. Without the head wizard here anymore you'll have to guess unless you can find his map.

7th floor
This floor is the library, if you want to learn al there is then you spent your time here, the ceilings are high and you're surrounded by glass windows all around to view the outside world while you read. Some of the tomes here are very powerful and still hold some of the magic of the last wizards to read them.

8th floor
This is the relaxing area, if you simply wanted to catch up with friends and talk the day away after class then this is where you met up. It has videogames, tv's, couches and everything you'd need to enjoy your weekend.

9th floor
This was the cafeteria where you go to well you know...eat. Anything you wanted for consumption could be found here. there are literally thousands of chairs and tables scattered with varying stops for food all around.

Tenth Floor
The tenth floor where you start is the common living area of all the in house students. here you will find tight corridors with rooms on each side. This area is currently under warding and protection from the headmaster before they died.

11th floor
This floor is where all the classes held their general studies and housed all the classrooms. it's a wide floor plan with walls sectioning the various classrooms off magical sentries roam these halls to ensure no magic is used out of hand and that no students skip classes.

12th floor

13th floor

15th floor

16th floor

17th floor

18th floor

19th floor

20th floor

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