Joey Amberson

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Joey Amberson

Post by Maku on Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:52 pm


Basic Information

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance:. Joey stands at only about 5 and a half feet tall. He is the perfect example of short and stocky, having well muscles features. He often will wear tight fighting clothing, sometimes at loggerheads with the staff in regards to typical school robes. Instead choosing to wear more formal non magical type clothes.

His face is rather boyish, and while being of age if someone simply looked at him they'd find that hard to believe. He often has a quick smile, and a flash of white teeth only aiding in this youthful facade. His eyes are hazel, seeming to change with the surrounding light. His hair is blonde and trimmed rather short on the sides. However the top is left long. Depending on the day is the fashion. Occasionally in spikes, combed over, a mowhawk, or just simply completely unkempt.
Personality: Joey could be said to have a reckless nature. Outgoing, talkative, charismatic. All these things describe him, which is no wonder why he was the leader of several different school clubs. His ambition, was something to be admired though never focused particularly on school work.

In the end Joey is a politician. Keeping very few close friends, but always friendly with anyone he felt he could use to advance his own lot. Those he saw as useless or underwhelming in the world view he had little time for.

While not overt confrontational, there ha been no Mage, no challenge, and no task he let himself fear. Seeing himself as an equal to anyone or thing he doesn't shy from the fight. Risk comes reward, and if the reward is great enough he is willing to risk it all. His skills in time magic, and sometimes giving him a second chance have only increased that.

History:. Born to a middle class family as an only child Joey had a relatively boring, and normal childhood. His own skills in magic developing later than most his admission into a magical school was doubted for some time.

His father had no real magical gifts except for his orator skills. A low level politician but excellent at what he did. His mother was the gifted one, though her magic was all flash and little true substance. He grew up in the south of the United States, causing him to have the twang of a southerner. Moving to the magical boarding school was a harder adjustment for him than it had been for many others.

His first couple years he remained quite and to himself. Attempting to perfect a craft as an elementalist. Though the gift never did come through. It wasn't until later in his time there that time magic was taught and for the first time his gifts were shown. He immediately showed aptitude at it, and while his actual test scores remained average at best, his practical usage soared.

This caused both, a rise in his popularity & rise in his corrective action position. His first run in was cheating, stopping time in a herbology class to copy notes. So powerful was the stop the teacher remained frozen as well. Had it not been for the passing Chair of Timeology his little escapade would have gone unproven. He agreed however the magic was impressive enough that only a minor violation (and 4 months detention) was deserved.

The second time this happened he found himself almost suspended, however due to no actual way to prove it he had maintained his status. He still maintains he had not wandered into the girls locker room, and that he had been on the other side of the school. As if it had only taken him a second to travel several floors.

In his final year studies became less important, and the class of artifactory drew his interest. Magical items, greater prestige, these were the things that drew him. He knew that the school was a tomb of old magic and powerful items that could help send him sky high in any political or social circle once out. Though until now the risk of expulsion wasn't worth the reward, but now.......

Class: Time Mage

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Re: Joey Amberson

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