Sanity/Dice rolls explained

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Sanity/Dice rolls explained

Post by Entity on Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:38 pm

Ok I'm going to explain how sanity works and how you will be rolling to prevent it from going down. Say for example that as you and your group are walking down a corridor to your next destination you hear the screams of another student before all goes silent save for the crunching of bones this will result in a sanity check which means you will have to roll a saving roll of 6 or higher to not be effected and save your mind some trauma.  Before your main post you will roll your saving roll and then post with your actions corresponding with your roll. Your sanity can only be affected one time per post of the entity so if it does a number of gruesome things you'll still only be rolling once and not for each thing it does.

Rolling a 1 for sneak means you failed so hard, whatever you were doing more than likely caused more noise that you expected or you tripped and fell, or whatever you were attempting to open quietly exploded or just squealed open

Rolling a 1 for magic ability means it failed to the extent of it damaging you and the mana recoils back on you doing direct damage to your health 2 points if what you were attempting to do was big or 1 point if it was a minor spell

Rolling a 1 for saving rolls depending on what it is could leave you paralyzed in fear or failing to break away from whatever is holding you.

Rolling a 5 for any of these is borderline fail pass, it will be up to the discretion of the dm to tell you what happens, you're not bad or good you just sort of exist.

Rolling a 10 pretty much means your godly at whatever it is you're trying to do. You might even get bonus things to happen for how well you did whatever it was you did!

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